2016 Crack Sealing (C.P. 16-03)

The City of Andover has an annual maintenance program that it completes on local city streets and parking lots. One of the maintenance procedures is crack sealing. Crack sealing is completed approximately 2 years after a road has been paved, or on an approximate 10 year rotating basis.

What is Crack Sealing
Crack sealing involves routing and cleaning new pavement cracks so they are free of weeds, dirt, debris and other incompressible material. The cracks are then filled with a sealant and covered with a paper product to reduce tracking of the material. Crack sealing prohibits water and incompressible material from entering the pavement structure, which in turn extends the life of the street. This work is contracted out to an independent contractor, but is supervised by city staff to ensure that the work is completed according to city specifications.

Areas to be Sealed
The following areas are scheduled to be crack sealed (PDF) in 2016:
    * Zone 3 (generally the northwest corner of the City, west of 7th Avenue and north of 154th Avenue)
    * Nightingale Street from Crosstown Blvd to 161st Avenue
    * Station Parkway
    * Prairie Road from Andover Blvd to 157th Avenue
    * Miller’s Woods 3rd and 4th Addition

    The following parking lots will be crack sealed this year: Fire Stations 2 and 3; Lift Stations 1, 2 and 3; Wells 1, 2 3, 4, 5, and 7; Hidden Creek East Park; YMCA/ACC Parking Lot;, and the Recycle Center . 

    Crack sealing will take place sometime between late April and mid June and will take several weeks to complete.  American Pavement Solutions will be completing the work.

    Questions relating to this project can be directed to the Andover Engineering Department.