The Meadows of Round Lakes Overlay

Project Updates:


Identified in the City’s 2015-2019 Capital Improvement Plan is an overlay for the collector route through The Meadows of Round Lake (see attached location map) from 300’ east of Guarani Street to Xenia Street.

The project will include milling the existing roadway from curb to curb, minor curb and gutter replacement, patching of deteriorating curb and gutter joints, and paving 1.5” to 1.75" of bituminous over the existing roadway. It is anticipated that this project will extend the life of the streets in this area 15+ years before a full reconstruction would be considered.

The project will be funded from the City’s Road & Bridge Fund (reimbursed through Municipal State Aid Funds), with 25% of the total project costs for the improvements (based upon a standard width overlay) assessed to the benefiting properties as identified in the City’s Roadway Reconstruction Assessment Policy. The estimated assessment per unit is $1,010.00.

Northwest Asphalt was the low bidder for the project.  The City Council will consider award of the project at the April 21, 2015 City Council meeting.

If awarded, we anticipate that construction will begin in early to mid May, with the project being completed by the end of summer. A mailing will be sent out to impacted residents prior to the beginning of construction providing additional information.

For construction related questions please contact David Berkowitz at 763-767-5133 or Jason Law at 763-767-5130.